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Terms & Conditions


Decor & Lighting

Kindly ensure the lighting complements and enhances the decor rather than comprising the exposure and representing poor colors. For example, the use of blue / pink fog lights placed directly to the couple on stage will only result in harsh exposure and the details and hence lost. Kindly get in touch with us for examples so that we can help you out with this.

Use Of Mobile phones

Having fun is one thing but disturbing the professionals or coming in between the frame when they are shooting is another. We request you to kindly make everyone understand or better than that, place a board request people to keep their phones away and not to interrupt the professionals at work. We understand the urge to click a pic. But that can't be 50 pics of the same sort compromising on the time allocated to the photographer.

How to get the best pictures

Best Pictures are obtained from a perfect light and decor balance coupled with those candid moments you'd want to be captured. Wedding Planners help ease off the pressure on your D-day by taking care of all minute things and putting them in place Coordination is the key, help the hotel/banquet staff understand the quality of work being carried out so as to ensure they do not interrupt the proceedings by moving in front of the cameras while serving.


It is an essential part of the Wedding process. Even if you may not like it but do care to grab a picture or two for memories. Do your homework in terms of how to pose and what posture is best for you. Share it with us and we will give our inputs. Hence, there will be nothing left out. Poses can be candid or just standing somewhere while we compose the frame, so don't get turned off by the term as it doesn't mean to be a traditional thing every time.


Great compositions are key and those can be achieved in an open scenario with empty spaces or in a crowded environment, given the coordination being good among the client, guests, and photographer as people tend to push the photographers away from the action for one reason or the other

Stage Photographs

Stage/Group Photographs are essential. They serve as a reminder of who came and serves you with a single picture of people whom you may not have met for years and in a professional manner. You may not want to miss out on those. During Stage Photography it is essential to first pose for the photographer and then the quests can feel free to interact. As it becomes easy to interact with a focused group in case someone blinks or is shot with an open mouth. Managing multiple people may be difficult for a Stage Photographer as due to various ambiance noises he may have to pitch his voice louder for people to hear.

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